Meeting & Events

There are 8 meeting rooms totally in the fourth floor of the hotel, including 1 multifunctional hall with Yourong Hall, 1 VIP Hall as well as 6 meeting rooms (Boya Gallery, Zilan Gallery, Xieying Gallery, Shuhui Gallery, Chaohua Gallery, Fangzhi Gallery).

Yourong Hall is an astylar theater-style meeting room and can accommodate more than 500 persons. Boya Gallery is a small-sized multi-functional meeting room; VIP Hall is a meeting room to accommodate 10 people for interview; Zilan Gallery and Xieying Gallery are desk-type meeting rooms to accommodate 48 persons separately, Shuhui Gallery, Chaohua Gallery and Fangzhi Gallery are boardrooms that can accommodate 35, 33, 24 persons respectively.

Fixed Equipment
You Rong Tang is equipped with LCD, sound system and simultaneous interpretation system that covers four countries’ languages at the same time, for 96 people to use.
Bo Ya Zhai is equipped with a multimedia projector.
Zi Lan Zhai and Xie Ying Zhai are both equipped with LCD and sound box.
Conference Articles
The hotel offers signage, white board, laser pointer, paper, pen, tea or mineral water and platform free of charge.


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Online Reservation


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