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Shuiguo Lake Shuiguo Lake area is the political, economic, scientific research and cultural center of Hubei Province, in which more than 300 units are located here such as the Provincial Party committee, the provincial government,various offices, committees, bureaus, Wuhan stationed central units, large size industrial enterprises, famous colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. Various beautiful tourist attrations such as Hongshan Square, Shuiguo Lake Square, Liyuan Square, Antique Looking 17-hole Shuanghu Arch Bridge, European style street, Li Bai Eagle Flying Platform, commercial pedestrian street, and peaceful round lake road constitute a big garden in Wuhan, which provides a unique place of entertainment and relaxation. On foot or by taxi Land area of the administrative area 12.5 k㎡
Xudong Street As a part of Wuhan Avenue, Xudong Street is a transmeridional street connecting Xujiapeng and Donghu Lake (named from it). With convenient traffic conditions, it is one of the traffic hubs connecting Hankou, Wuchang and Qingshan and one of the three core business districts in Wuhan, in which Xudong Fair Price, Wal-Mart, Shopping Mall, Metro and other places are good places for entertainment and shopping. By taxi About 5.3km, 6 minutes

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